Esperer Nutrition develops functional nutritional products for cancer

Cancer drug Research Company for Onco Nutrition 

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Esperer Nutrition is a clinical nutrition organization which aims to empower patients and HCP’s to effectively manage and recover from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through disease-specific nutritional interventions.


To research and develop nutraceutical formulations for cancer care using cutting-edge technology. NutrifyGenie established research partnerships with National Research and Development Institute to carry out clinical investigations and to launch it in regulated market.   


  • To partner and conduct clinical studies with top-notch research and development centers onco-nutrition products. 
  • To validate product effectiveness and safety for patients with cancer by expert oncologists. 
  • To secure funding for developing a specialized portfolio of nutritional products for chronic medical conditions, including both prescription and Over-The-Counter options. 
  • To roll-out strategic marketing plan. 


NutrifyGenie established partnerships with the top research and development centre, carried out clinical research, assisted in obtaining funding and technical assistance from the National Research and Development Centre (NRDC). Using research data on product efficacy and safety, Nutrify Genie linked the business with a network of expert oncologist for cancer patients outcome validation. 

As a result, the product’s quality was established, the company received regulatory approval, and it was aided in finding the right investors for their product. 


Nutrify Genie has helped Esperer Nutrition achieve a successful expansion into the field of nutrition for chronic medical conditions by swiftly developing an extensive portfolio for both medical and non-prescription purposes. Additionally, they have assisted the company in introducing a broad range of their products in four countries, including the United Kingdom.


Esperer Nutrition products

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