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NutrifyGenie- Ideation to commercialization
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NutrifyGenie - Design, Develop & Commercialize Engine (DDC)

NutrifyGenie – Design, Develop and Commercialize (DDC) is a Curated AI Engine platform that helps you with ideation to commercialization of differentiated Ethical nutraceutical products by structuring the complex ingredients, clinical facts, regulatory guidelines, supply chain and shortens your go-to market time by 50% while increasing the depth and spectrum of differentiated product options by 60%

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NutrifyGenie DDC


10,000+ ingredients mapped to targeted disease conditions with over 1M clinical papers as references.

Create and Validate your Formula

Real-time compliance assessment to 11 countries regulatory data

Supply Chain

Instant connect to verified distributors & contract manufactures in multiple countries

Smart Labels

Let Genie design your New Label Claim while you relax

Regulatory Guide

Instant reference check for 20 countries regulatory compliance for the new launches

Products & Patents

Get to explore existing products in markets and tap into over 300000 IP&Non IP data


Engine helps Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical companies in:

Competitive advantage

Provides Speed, Depth and Spectrum

Product portfolio

Helps building rich product portfolio, improve execution, and increase ROI on innovation projects.


Helps to align innovation through category identification, product definition, prototyping, packaging, regulatory clearance, scaling and commercialization.


Nutrify Genie is the one-stop Engine for new product ideation, designing, development and commercialization on demand.
The curated AI of Nutrify Genie empowers the commercialization processes by providing real-time clinical paper reference, Regulatory compliance, and supply chain for 11 countries. NutrifyGenie also project manages the process of commercialization.
The measured outcome is an idea to commercialization solution at 50% go-to market time with at least 10X depth and spectrum of differentiated ethical nutraceutical portfolio.
Nutrify Genie platform is a curated AI engine that works on over 1 million data points to ease the process of ideation to commercialization enabling the companies to overcome challenges like dealing with creating stable label claims, formats, method validation, regulatory guidelines, disconnects of guidelines between international markets, claims, clinical trials and identification of quality suppliers to manufacturers. This allows the companies to save 50% of the go-to-market time.
100%. The unique Curated AI of NutrifyGenie Engine is a crossroad of AI and best of Supply chain and data scientists that revalidate the output of genie. As a company you simply define health category, portfolio size, country and launch timelines.  Rest is taken up by NutrifyGenie Engine in ideation to commercialization and its project management.
The NutrifyGenie Engine has a dedicated team of researchers and data scientists to identify live data which is updated as datasets every month.
We have worked with various Indian/International clients and delivered 12 nutraceutical differentiated products in 2022.
A few examples for reference- Nutrihance Omega 3, Nutrihance Diabetes powder, Esperer nutrition portfolio and Nanoveda strips
NutrifyGenie Engine curates supply chain partners for ingredients based on choices you make. As you design label claim the NutrifyGenie delivers to you the option of suppliers in the country you want to manufacture.
The Smart Label tool allows you to get instant access  to personalized label claims which are regulatory compliant and clinically validated. You Just make a choice of health condition and the country.
The ingredient tool in NutrifyGenie Engine generates a summary of the ingredient, dosage range, disease-based clinical trials, products and IP & Non-IP patents.


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Proprietary Idea to Commercialization Engine: 50% time saving for go to market with higher gross margins

Nutrify Today

An Indian pharma major was looking at expanding their portfolio into child nutrition in mental health

An Indian pharma major was looking at expanding their portfolio into child nutrition in mental health and the biggest challenge they faced was inhouse capacity deficit to address this new strategic segment they had chosen to expand…

A MNC pharma company with a good portfolio of nutraceuticals

A MNC pharma company with a good portfolio of nutraceuticals wanted to enter into speciality nutraceuticals for ethical marketing. This meant that company with good success story on nutraceuticals in OTC wanted to go the Ethical marketing route and launch premium differentiated products in diabetes management and cardiovascular management…

A swiss

NutrifyGenie is a “managed intelligence DDC” driven differentiated new product design, development and commercialization solution in Nutraceuticals that bends go to market time by 50%…

A leading pharmaceutical company with specialization in women health

Wanted to complement its portfolio with adjuncts through nutraceuticals. The objective was to access patient group in extending outcome driven nutraceuticals to address key health conditions in fertility cycle of a woman. Drugs combined with evidence-based nutraceuticals would complete the treatment and care story of the company…

Successful Products Launched

Gnosis by Lesaffre
Crius Group
Euro Alliance
Esperer Nutrition
Jubilant Pharmova
Shield Healthcare
Sundyota Numandis
Vidya Herbs
Hexagon Nutrition
Gnosis by Lesaffre
Crius Group
Euro Alliance


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