A large FMCG Company with a global presence 

Success story

A large FMCG Company with a global presence

An Indian Multinational FMCG company known for manufacturing personal and healthcare products was seeking to extend their supply chain to ASEAN countries. Nutrify Genie made this possible by studying the countries anthropology and enabled the entire process of ideation to commercialization of nutraceutical products . The company successfully launched 5 well-differentiated products in the  Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia within a year.



An Indian Multinational FMCG Company known for manufacturing of products for various categories in the healthcare and personal care sectors. Their products are sold across more than 60 countries worldwide with seven manufacturing units in India.



This Multinational FMCG Company was seeking to extend their supply chain to ASEAN countries by building a new venture in the nutraceutical industry. Although they had a number of companies approaching them with various ingredients, development of a nutrition portfolio to enter the ASEAN countries market remained a challenge.



Nutrify today began from scratch to set up this new venture by conducting detailed mapping of the countries, their cultures and needs in order to identify targeted products. They helped throughout the process of category identification, product definition, prototyping, packaging, regulatory clearance, scaling and commercialization. A detailed mapping coupled with precise project management lead to launch of products in Philippines first and then rolled out to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and recently in Indonesia.


Advantage of Nutrify Today:

The Company successfully launched 5 well-differentiated products in the ASEAN countries with screening and analysis of country-specific go to market channels in a period of one year. Nutrify Today is closely working with this large FMCG Company in building a larger portfolio with multi-destination manufacturing.

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